Welcome to the Webster Arts Fair 2017. We look forward to seeing you June 2-4 in Webster Groves, Missouri!

Coordinating a fair of 15 artists and 30,000 guests takes a year of planning, 350 volunteers and a few rules to make things run smoothly. We are committed to create an atmosphere where you can present original fine art for our patrons to collect.

We promise to provide you with the best hospitality we can offer, unlimited cold water in your own bottle, dinner Friday and Saturday nights, breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings, snacks all day, a real bathroom for your use, and friendly volunteers to help meet your needs.

In exchange, here is what we ask of you:

  • Artist must be present during all fair hours. Representatives, spouses or children may not attend in the artist’s place. Please bring a state ID at check in.

  • All work must be the original work of the accepted artist, made by hand. No artwork from molds, kits or other commercial methods is allowed. Collaborative Partners are artists who participate materially in the creation of the art. 

  • Artists must display an accurate artist statement describing your methods.

  • Copies from the works of masters, advertisements and widely circulated photographs are not considered original works of art and will not be permitted.

  • Art exhibited and booth set up must accurately reflect the work that was submitted for jurying.

  • Plagiarism, production line art or factory-reproduced items are grounds for immediate removal from the show.

  • Signed reproductions may be sold, but will be displayed in portfolios and bins, (not on panels or screens) and clearly labeled as reproductions.

  • Note cards, calendars, books and other items created from the artist's own work may be offered if consistent with the artists’ work. For example, a painter may offer notecards with popular images. A painter may NOT have mugs with an image. Mechanically reproduced art should be limited to no more than 10% of display.

  • Work on stretched canvas should be original art of the painter; photographic inkjet prints on stretched canvas are allowed, but not encouraged.

  • Artists may exhibit artwork only in the category in which accepted.

  • The Executive Director reserves the right to ask that any work that is inconsistent with the juried subject be removed.

  • All artists must display an artist statement that discloses their process. Artists without statements are ineligible for awards or to be re-invited.

  • Display of art may not extend beyond the confines of the booth. No bins or tables in the aisles, please. No exceptions. 

  • No signage or banners that extent beyond the tent.

  • White tents ONLY. All tents must be properly staked or weighted.

  • The Webster Arts Fair is a rain or shine event.

  • Electric is provided to all artists at no additional charge. Please limit your electrical consumption to the minimum you need to operate your lights when necessary. A small personal fan is permitted. Please, no generators, air conditioners or refrigerators.

  • All artists MUST bring outdoor rated extension cords. Indoor cords are not permitted and will be removed by staff. Indoor cords can short and crash the electrical grid. Please, be considerate. Bring ONLY OUTDOOR RATED cords.

  • The Webster Arts Fair is a guest of Eden Theological Seminary. We ask your partnership in respecting the grounds, trees, plants and facilities. Please enter and exit the field with your vehicle only on the paths indicated and follow the instructions of volunteers.

Thank you. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or requests. We can’t promise we can meet every need, but we will try.

Jeane Vogel
Executive Director
Webster Arts