At Webster Arts, we are big believers in supporting local artists. There’s value in owning the work of an artist you admire, respect and know personally. We’ve put together our top five reasons to invest in original art, so get out there and start scouting for your favorite piece to call your own.


1. It’s all about the relationship. When you buy from a local artist, you take home a piece of their story. You get to hear about the inspirations, challenges and late nights that went into creating your purchase. And, when you hang their work at home, you begin to co-exist with art that sparks unique memories and new ideas. You just can’t get that anywhere else. 


2 It's in your family forever. There's nothing like inheriting your grandmother’s favorite piece of jewelry. When you buy handcrafted quality art, you begin to collect meaningful heirlooms your kids and relatives will long to call their own.


3. You learn about the process. At what other time can you learn that it took the photographer five separate shoots to get the lighting just right? Meeting the artist, asking questions, hearing their secret tips: these are the advantages that only come with buying original art.


4. Creativity is contagious. When we adorn our home and work spaces with art that lifts the spirit, it’s easy to feel inspired. Let the original paintings, photos and sculptures you love bring life into your personal space.


5. No one else will have it. Original art means it can’t be duplicated, copied or matched. In a world where so much art is a copy of something else, original art stands alone in its novelty and quirks.