The Webster Arts Fair seeks artists who produce the best art in their category. Making those decisions is a panel of respected artists, gallery owners, art historians and art educators. The panel changes every year.

In 2017, Webster Arts is honored to have the following art professionals on the Arts Fair Jury.

Amanda Verbeck
Collaboration is at the heart of my work as a visual artist. I opened Pele Prints, a collaborative studio in St. Louis, where fine art printmaking is the main focus. As a printer and publisher, I act as curator, advisor, artist, financial backer, gallerist, and technician. Each year I invite a small number of artists to create prints with me at Pele. I explore ideas with artists in the studio, using multiple print processes as a jumping-off point; I take a non-traditional approach and encourage experimentation. While the print medium is at the core of each project, finished pieces may also include three-dimensional components, collage, and handwork. My goal with each artist is to create a unique body of work that displays the curiosity, learning, and constant discovery exemplified in the collaborative process at its best.

I'm a graduate of Washington University in St. Louis. After working with several presses in the St. Louis area, including Wildwood Press, Island Press, and Evil Prints, I started Pele Prints in 2006. Work from Pele has been exhibited widely, both nationally and internationally, and the prints can be found in numerous corporate and private collections.

Randi Chervitz

Randi Chervitz has been a professional metal smith and jewelry since opening her business, Uncommon Threads, in 1991. She holds a BFA from SIU-Carbondale. Her delicate crocheted silver jewelry, accented with precious and semi-precious stones, has earned her many awards.

She writes: I first picked up my grandmother’s crochet hook while taking a metalsmithing class in college.  My grandmother taught me to knit when I was a child, and I always had good feelings about the individual stitches that make up a larger whole.  Given this beginning, making jewelry from stitches is what I was meant to do. And that’s how Uncommon Threads began in 1991. 

My inspirations include authenticity -at least the process of searching for it- and beauty.  I relish beauty of all kinds, from the visual to the spiritual.  These things, along with my belief that each of us lives to celebrate the human spirit, allow me to embrace life and live my higher purpose: to make things that enrich us all. 

Garry McMichael

Garry McMichael is an accomplished St. Louis are painter and photography. He exhibits widely and his work is in demand by collectors from all over the country. In addition to artistic pursuits, Garry has worked as an editorial and commercial photograph, and has been published in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, TIME, NEWSWEEK, FORBES, BICYCLING and doezens of other national publictions.