1. They get up close and personal. Only original art offers kids a tactile experience with the chunky paint strokes, grainy textiles, and small imperfections that make it beautiful.

2. They get to meet the artist. Face to face contact with a Webster Arts Fair artist helps kids make the important connection between the work and the person who crafted it.

3. Early exposure to art is an important part of a child’s development. PBS Parents reports that children who are exposed to art begin to build personal preferences and “favorite” colors and styles as young as two years old.

4. They can admire how a work of art is made. Original art comes with an original process. Watching a painter demonstrate how your child’s art is made is an invaluable experience for you both.

5. They’ll aspire to be artists. Professional art in a child’s bedroom keeps the idea alive of an artist as possible vocation or future hobby.

6.They’ll remember they already are artists. Hanging original work next to your child’s work is a gesture that celebrates their creative talents- good enough to be “professional!”

7. Art creates an environment that inspires creativity and play.

8. Buying original art creates a memory. Your child will treasure the experience of handpicking art out for her room at the Webster Arts Fair and taking it home to hang.

9. Original art inspires kids to look up from TV (and iPad and cell phone) screens. 

10. They’ll learn the value of handmade work. Kids hardly ever see where a product comes from. Original art communicates the time and love that go into each piece.