What better way to get ready for the Webster Arts Fair than to start thinking about the kind of artwork that will take your home décor to the next level? Here are our guidelines for finding the perfect original work for your style and taste.

1. Find Your Focal Point

Pick out the most visible wall in your home and find a work that will turn it into a focal point. The mantel, for example, is prime real estate for a striking piece of art.

2. Evaluate Your Style

Place classical mediums like photography and painting against more traditionally decorated spaces. For more modern rooms, seek out abstract and conceptual work.

3. Do Your Research

Before heading out to the Webster Arts Fair, sift through catalogues and design magazines to get an idea of what you’re looking for. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, consider commissioning an artist to create your custom work.

4. Express Yourself

Seek out a work that captures your personality and says who you are to your guests.

5. Capture the Moment

Choose a piece that will bring you back to summer memories, and, of course, your fun experience at the Webster Arts Fair!

6. Keep Scale in Mind

If you have a specific spot on your wall to fill, remember to take your measurements to the fair. Remember to leave “breathing room” around bolder works of art by leaving adequate space around the frame.

7. Create a Collage

Arrange smaller pieces that complement each other. Mix in a range of elements like mirrors, paintings, framed children’s art

8. Avoid Matchy-Matchy

While it’s good to draw out one of the boldest colors in your room, the colors don’t have to be exactly the same. A little contrast makes things interesting.

9. Take the Time to Browse

When at the Webster Arts Fair this summer, make sure you cover your bases by visiting every artist booth. Don’t miss out the perfect piece because you quit looking too soon!

10. Play it Down

If you fall in love with a work with a lot of color and texture, consider dialing down some of the louder elements in your room for some balance. Adding in a neutral window treatment can make room for an attention-grabbing painting.


And if it Doesn’t Fit…

Sometimes you get home and the piece that looked so good at the fair isn’t exactly as inspiring at home. Try rearranging your furniture to work around your new purchase if the spot you intended to hang it isn’t quite right.  Or perhaps consider a new environment, hanging it in various rooms and against different paint colors or wallpaper patterns.