Webster Arts' Mission: We bring art to life by providing opportunities for people of all ages to engage in and enjoy the arts through programs, partnerships, and collaborations.  

2019 Board of Directors  

Jahna Kahrhoff,  President

Kelly Weber, Vice President

John Castagno, Treasurer

Katie Stocke, Assistant Treasurer

Peter Love,  Secretary

Davis Allen

Tim Bono

Gene Dobbs Bradford

Marilynne Bradley

Kathie Cahoon

Ron Gibbs

Rick Kuhn


Pam Niehaus

Dave Sanders

Holly Smith

Kedra Tolson

Vicki Sanford

Ellie Wharton

Hon. Gerry Welch



Jeane Vogel, Executive Director, j.vogel@webster-arts.org

Shamus Higgins, Assistant to the Director, shamus@webster-arts.org